Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pottstown >> In the last week, 27 crimes have been reported in the Pottstown area.
Of the 27 crimes reported, nine of the crimes were thefts with four classified as retail thefts, four as thefts from buildings and one bicycle theft. All four of the retail thefts occurred on Shoemaker Road, which is located directly next to Wal-Mart. The other five have occurred at various locations including North Penn Street, West Chestnut Street, Beech Street and Manatawny Street, according to crimemapping.com.
Seven of the 27 crimes were reported to be drug and alcohol related, with three public drunkenness offenses on Elm, High and North Franklin streets, one narcotics sale offense on High Street and three narcotics possession offenses on Shoemaker, Adams and North Washington streets.
Vandalism to both buildings and a vehicle have been reported on buildings on Block Center Avenue and East High Street and a vehicle on High Street.
Two fraud incidents were reported in the Pottstown area at North Price Street and Spruce Street as well as two harassment incidents on North Charlotte Street and Jefferson Avenue.
One instance of forced-entry burglary was reported at West 4th Street and one incident involving arson was reported on West King Street.
There have been two reported non-aggravated assaults in the past week which occurred on North Evans and Myrtle streets, according to crimemapping.com.
To view charts for these incidents click here.
To view more specific information about these crimes click here.

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