Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Pottstown >> Crimemapping.com has added 43 crimes to its site between Oct. 27 and Nov. 2.
The website has listed 10 reported thefts in Pottstown. Two of the three reported retail thefts occurred on Shoemaker Road as well as one on East High Street. The other seven have ranged from a bicycle theft on North York Street to thefts from buildings at a several different locations.
Nine drug and alcohol related incidents were entered on the site with four involving public drunkenness, four involving possession and one involving sales.
Nine assaults were also listed between the two dates. Two of the assaults reportedly involved firearms, occurring on North York Street and Beech Street. One assault was reported to be with a dangerous weapon on King Street and five were non-aggravated assaults which occurred on High, South Franklin, North Charlotte, and North Washington streets. The last assault was reported as a hands, feet and fists assault on North Franklin Street.
Three robberies and three burglaries were reported. All three robberies were reported as armed, with two involving firearms. The robberies involving firearms occurred on Charlotte Street and Walnut Street. The last armed robbery occurred on King Street. Two of the burglaries were made by forced entry on Queen Street and Lake Drive and Rosewood Drive and the third, which did not involve a forced entry, occurred on North Warren Street.
Crimemapping.com listed two weapons offenses as well we two fraud incidents.The weapons offenses occurred on Queen Street and West 4th Street.
One instance each was reported for vandalism, sex crimes, disturbing the peace, vehicle break-ins and motor vehicle thefts. Vandalism was reported on North King Street and prostitution was reported on North Charlotte Street. A motor vehicle theft occurred on Lincoln Avenue and a vehicle break-in was reported on Grant Street. One instance of harassment was reported to occur on College Drive.
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