Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Pottstown crime July 8 - July 14

Disturbing the peace

1. Harassment, Manatawny Street, 7/11
2. Disorderly conduct, Walnut Street, 7/10
3. Disorderly conduct, North Evans Street, 7/9
4. Harassment, Franklin Street, 7/9
5.  Disorderly conduct, Chestnut Street, 7/8

Drug/ alcohol violations

1. Narcotics possession, North Franklin Street, 7/14
2. Narcotics possession, North Franklin Street, 7/11
3. Public drunkenness, South Charlotte Street, 7/11
4.  Public drunkenness, East High Street, 7/8

Vehicle break-in/theft

1. Theft from vehicle, Willow Street, 7/9
2. Theft from vehicle, Cedar Street, 7/9
3. Theft from vehicle, Walnut Street, 7/8
4.  Theft from vehicle, Lincoln Avenue, 7/8


1.From buildings, Walnut Street, 7/13
2. Purse snatching, East High Street, 7/8


1. Criminal mischief to buildings, Farmington Avenue, 7/8


1. Strong-arm, North Charlotte Street, 7/9

Motor vehicle theft

1. North Charlotte Street, 7/8


1. With firearm, East High Street, 7/10


1. Walnut Street, 7/13


1.East High Street, 7/11

*Dates reflect day crimes were added to crimemapping.com, not necessarily when they occurred.
*For more information on these crimes click here.
*For charts of these crimes click here.


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